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Below is the programme for RTD7′s main event–two days of round table discussions, panel sessions, and keynote addresses from international and Catalan tourism industry and destination management figures to an audience keen to learn more about acheiving responsible tourism in destinations.

Many of RTD7′s speakers have made their presentations available in pdf format.  Click [ pdf ] or [ slideshare ] to access these.

RTD7 3rd October

Pere Torres Grau

Pere Torres Grau, Secretary of Business and Competitiveness, Generalitat de Catalunya Barcelona Second Deputy Mayor, Ms. Sònia Recasens
Ramon Riera Bruch Ramon Riera Bruch, Deputy Director of Tourism at Diputació de Barcelona

8.00am: Registration opens at ESADEFORUM

10.00am: Official opening of RTD7
Mr. Jordi Ficapal (RTD7 Co-Chair) from TSI: Turisme Sant Ignasi, Mr. Xavier Mena, President-Elect of the Xavier Foundation (TSI-Turisme Sant Ignasi), Mr. Ramon Riera Bruch, Deputy Director of Tourism at the Diputació de Barcelona, Mr. Pere Duran, General Director of Barcelona Turisme, Ms. Sònia RecasensBarcelona Second Deputy Mayor and  Mr. Pere TorresSecretary of Business and Competitiveness.

10.30am. Prof. Harold Goodwin (RTD7 Co-Chair) from the International Centre for Responsible Tourism concludes the opening and introduces the following session.

11.00am: Increasing connectivity to destinations responsibly – Focus on Barcelona &  Catalunya

One of the key challenges in Responsible Tourism is attracting the right visitors, the ones who will fit in best, enjoy the place, return and recommend the place to others. The major challenge is to attract the people who will contribute to making the destination a better place to live in and a better place to visit, and of course to enable them to get from home to destination. Prof. Harold Goodwin will chair a panel discussion with Mario Rubert, Director Operatiu de Promoció de la Ciutat, Àrea d’Economia, Empresa i Ocupació, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Sr. Santiago García-Milá, Deputy Director of Strategy of the Barcelona Port Authority, and Vanessa Requena, Department Head Airport Management Centre (CGA) Airport Marketing & Barcelona-El Prat Terminal T1: Increasing Connectivity: the airport perspective, Vanesa Requena  [ pdf ].

11.45am: Barcelona 1992 on: the transformation of the port of Barcelona into a Cruise Destination

Twenty years of growth and transformation, changes in Barcelona and Catalunya since hosting the Olympics in 1992. How has tourism impacted on Barcelona and Catalunya? By Carles Domingo-Pagès, Director General, Creuers del Port de Barcelona  pdf ].

12.00pm: The destination: achievements and challenges

Heidi van de WattICRT South Africa opens up debate on what responsible tourism means in a panel discussion about the tourism management challenges facing Barcelona, Catalunya and the Mediterranean.  How does and how can tourism better contribute positively to sustainable development for local people and their environment?  Dr. Jose Antonio Donaire, from University of Girona reflects on the Mediterranean view, the perspective from Catalunya is developed by Carlos Cabrera, consultant at Institut Cerdà, and the view from Barcelona is provided by Joana Homs, assistant director at Turisme de Barcelona, Barcelona’s tourist board. From Joana Homs see Barcelona Sustainable Tourism [ pdf ].

12:30p.m: Keynote: Mark Robinson, Managing Director of Intercruises.

12:45pm: Keynote Harold Goodwin, Leeds Metropolitan University & ICRT: What does Responsible Tourism have to offer Barcelona?

1:15p.m. Keynote: Marta Martín, VP Corporate Responsibility, NH Hotels and the International Tourism Partnership: Responsible Business in the Tourism Sector  [ pdf ].

*** Lunch ***

2:30pm: Presentation of the Five Conference Themes
The co-chairs for each of the conference themes will introduce the issues which their panels will be addressing  to set the agenda and enable participants to decide which of the parallel sessions they wish to join at 16:15.

Theme 1
Taking responsibility for the environmental impacts of tourism
International theme chair: Dr. Susanne Becken, Professor of Sustainable Tourism at Griffith University, Australia
[ pdf ]
Destination theme chair: Jordi Soler Insa, Head of Regional Directorate (North), Oficina Tècnica de Parcs Naturals, Diputació de Barcelona  [ pdf ]

Theme 2
The role of governments in the planning and management of destinations
International theme chair:  M. Heidi van de Watt, ICRT South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa  pdf ]
Destination theme chair: M. Marian Muro, Tourism General Director, Generalitat de Catalunya

Theme 3
Sense of place: local communities, responsibility and the visitor experience.
International theme chair: Mr. Jason Freezer, Head of Destination Management,  VisitEngland  [ pdf ]
Destination theme chair: Dr. Jose Antonio Donaire, Universitat de Girona.

Theme 4
The extension of social participation in tourism: access to all
International theme chair: Mr. Adama Bah, ASSET, The Gambia
Destination theme chair: Mr. Diego González, Accessible Tourism, Agencia Catalana de Turisme

Theme 5
The management of cruise tourism in the Mediterranean
International theme chair: Dr. Xavier Font, ICRETH Leeds Metropolitan University
Destination theme chair: M. Carla Salvadó, Strategy & Communication, Port de Barcelona  [ pdf ]

*** Coffee Break ***

4.15pm: Break out into working groups at neighbouring TSI Building
Panelists, both local and international, will contribute their views on the theme to which their expertise and insight apply.

Full details of parallel sessions in Themes & Panelists.

8pm: Evening social event


Daniel Pearce, TTG Media

Daniel PearcePere Duran, General Director of Barcelona Turisme
Pere Duran

RTD7 4th October

8.00am: Registration at ESADEFORUM

9.00am:  Sr. Felip Puig, Minister of Empresa y Ocupación de la Generalitat de Catalunya

9.15am: Thought for the Day on Responsibility from Josep Lluís Iriberri SJ.  pdf ] 

9.30am: On the record:  the Travel Trade Gazette (TTG) Interview
Daniel Pearce
, Brand Director and Editor of TTG will interview, centre stage and on the record for publication, local Catalan experts as he asks question about what he has heard about where Barcelona and Catalunya are heading with their destination, and asks “Where do we go from here?”

10.10am: Keynote: Nikki White, Head of Destinations and Sustainability at The Travel Association, ABTA “What can outbound tour operators, organised through their trade association, contribute to making destinations better places to live in, and better places to visit?”  Better Places, Better Holidays and Better Business  [ pdf ]

10.40am: The Challenges of Responsible Tourism
Prof. Harold Goodwin (Leeds Metropolitan University and ICRT) will chair a discussion with senior Catalan tourism officials.  They will talk about how tourism can be co-ordinated to make it more sustainable for the city, the territory and beyond, a key question here being: where does responsibility lie?FrancescHaroldPatrickJoan

*** Coffee Break ***

11:40am: Keynote: Jane Ashton, Head of Sustainable Development at Tui Travel PLC, on What TUI is doing to become more sustainable.  [ pdf ]

12:10-1:15pm: How Responsible Tourism creates market advantage chaired by Prof. Harold Goodwin followed by questions and discussion on marketing responsible tourism.

12.10pm: Keynote: Frederic Gonzalo,  Gonzo Marketing, Strategic marketing consultant & Social media expert, on Why destinations must embrace social networks towards responsible tourism.  [ slideshare ]

12:30pm: Keynote: Dr Xavier Font Leeds Metropolitan University, on marketing Responsible Tourism, authenticity and “keeping it real”: Responsible tourism communications for businesses to maximise economic benefits
[ pdf ]

Márció Favilla Lucca de Paula

Márció Favilla Lucca de Paula, UNWTO

12.50pm: UNWTO address from Márcio Favilla Lucca de Paula, Executive Director for Competitiveness, External Relations and Partnerships at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

*** Lunch ***

2.15pm: Thematic working groups will complete their work and prepare their conclusions

The five theme groups—track co-chairs, panel speakers AND their audience—reconvene to complete their work, agreeing the content and conclusions for the relevant sections of the RTD7 Conference Declaration. This is an opportunity to be part of the legacy: The 2020 Vision for Responsible Tourism from Catalunya–The Barcelona Declaration.

*** Coffee Break ***

3.30pm: Regeneration of Destinations
Based on the contributions from various speakers during the Conference Field Trip to the Costa Brava seaside town, L’Estartit i Torroella de Montgrí, Josep Capellà, DCB Turisme, talks on Regenerating seaside resorts on the Costa Brava  [ pdf ].  Followed by Ricard Pie, Universitat de Barcelona, Urbanisme i Ordenació del Territori, presenting conclusions on Regeneration of Destinations  [ pdf ].

3.50pm: KeynoteJason Freezer, Head of Destination Management, VisitEngland, on The Challenges of Destination Management.  [ pdf ]

4:00 pm: Keynote: Andy Cooper, Director of Government and External Affairs, Thomas Cook Group on Working together to deliver travel experiences responsibly  [ pdf ]

4:10 pm: Conclusions on RTD7 Conference Themes: the track chairs present their conclusions from each of their thematic working groups.

5.00pm: Closing & Declarations: The 2020 Vision for Responsible Tourism from Catalunya–The Barcelona Declaration by Dr. Ricard Santomà, Director of TSI-Turisme Sant Ignasi (Universitat Ramon Llull), Mr. Pere Duran, General Director of Barcelona Turisme, Prof. Harold Goodwin from the International Centre for Responsible Tourism and Mr. Jordi Ficapal from TSI: Turisme Sant Ignasi.

6.00pm: Group attendees and speakers picture and Reception with wine

8.00pm: Ceremony for the First Catalan Responsible Tourism Awards at the stunning bioclimactic Torre Agbar. RTD7 conference delegates are warmly invited to attend. An experience not to be missed.

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Themes & Panelists

Theme 1 Taking responsibility for the environmental impacts of tourism Room 119 TSI-Turisme Sant Ignasi (Universitat Ramon Llull), 1st Floor (C/ Marqués de Mulhacén 40-42) International theme chair: Dr. Susanne Becken, Professor of Sustainable Tourism at Griffith University, Australia Destination theme chair: Mr. Jordi Soler Insa, Head of Regional Directorate (North), Oficina Tècnica de Parcs Naturals, Diputació de Barcelona …

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